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About BFL-MN

We are a holistic community development corporation focused on collaborating with organizations and individuals committed to the strengthening and advancement of families.

Our Mission

We believe thriving families are the foundation

of stable and healthy communities.


BFL-MN is committed to advancing the equity, education, and life experiences of Minnesotan families

at every stage of life.



Uniting families and empowering communities to provide a just and prosperous future for the next generation.




& Accountability

Positive Culture

We have an unwavering commitment to integrity and accountability in all of our endeavors.

We believe the primary route to establishing family, collective growth, and sustainability is through the conscious introduction of a culture's history and humanity so that people create and celebrate themselves.

Social & Economic Growth

We place a high degree of importance on the social and economic elevation of
low and moderate-income families, disadvantaged populations, and those who are financially stable.

Strong Families

Strong Neighborhoods

We believe family is the foundation for every human being’s development. We endeavor to rehabilitate families on a cultural, educational, social, and economic level by empowering them to be self-sufficient contributing members of society.

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